Affiliate Sign-Up

aubiose hemp bedding
Chanvra Materials is launching an affiliate program for committed Aubiose customers to earn commissions for their individual marketing efforts. The Aubiose hemp bedding brand is considered the gold standard shavings material. It has changed the lives of horses with allergies, including some of the top performing horses in the industry. An Aubiose barn smells clean and magical, and it is an affordable bedding when used properly. The ideal affiliate will be knowledgeable about using the product properly and committed to bringing more equestrians to use it. Affiliates will receive a minimum 5% sign up commission per pallet sold ($75), and new customers that sign up through an affiliate will receive a $50 discount per pallet.


  • Loyal customer: use Aubiose bedding in your own barn to be knowledgeable about its uses/benefits
  • Affiliate marketing: use knowledge of the product to attract new customers via social media, testimonials, personal conversations
  • Business expansion: get new customers to sign up from your marketing efforts


  • Share knowledge and benefits of the product to bring on more customers.

The Aubiose program offers a competitive commission structure where affiliates will earn a sizable commission for each new customer acquired. Affiliates that bring in the most business will be eligible to be promoted to an ambassador, which presents its own benefits package.

hemp bedding affiliate program