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The ChanvraPet Hemp Mat is a nesting medium made from the residual hemp fibers of the Aubiose hemp. Through a process called decortication, the pure hemp hurds- which are the inner core of the hemp stem- are separted from the rest of the hemp plant. Extremely absorbent, these pure hemp hurds go on to become our famous Aubiose product. But the leftover fibers are extremely useful, and historically it was these fibers that were used to make ropes, clothes, and so many of the other traditional uses for hemp.

Today we utilize mechanical needle punching machines to make hemp nonwoven mats from these residual bast fibers. These are sold primarily to the automotive industry and plastics manufacturers, but they are also a very useful material for most pets and animals!

The fibers behave differently than the pure hemp hurds in our Aubiose hemp. Using these products together is a good combination, particularly for nesting animals, like rats, who can use the hemp fibers to make nests. Many of the nesting materials on the market are made from toxic materials, but with ChanvraPet’s hemp mat you know that your pets have a safe material; as you know, our hemp is grown to the highest standards of ecological quality in the world, using no chemicals. And if your rat swallows pieces of the mat, it is safe for them.

You can save money by ordering hemp mats and Aubiose / AubiZoo together. We offer a number of options below.

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    Aubiose Jumbo Hemp Bedding for Animals: Chickens, Horses, & Pets | Gold Standard French Quality

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    Chanvra Pet Hemp Nesting Carpet for Small Pet Cages and Terrariums – FREE SHIPPING

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    The AubiZoo Chanvra Pet System | Hemp Bedding & Nesting Kit

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Instructions for Use: For rats, hamsters and other rodents, we recommend lining their cage floor with hemp mats and then covering the hemp mat with Aubiose or AubiZoo hemp litter. Clean out the litter as normal. The hemp mat will last a long time underneath the hemp litter, and your animals can chew on it and use it to make nests.

Reptiles will also really enjoy the comfort of the mats, and you combine our super absorbent AubiZoo or Aubiose litter to create the perfect, healthy habitat for them.

For litter trained animals, you can use the mats to create a sleeping space in a separate part of the cage or terrarium.

The mats can be used for added comfort for pretty much any animal. Just be sure to monitor your pets behavior to be sure that the ChanvraPet Hemp Mat is right for you!