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Hemp Horse Bedding: The Original Brand

Since 1985, Aubiose has been revolutionizing the horse care industry and providing many horse owners with savings in time, labour, and money. This hemp horse bedding works by soaking up liquids in a small area, at the base of the bed. This effectively controls ammonia odors and reduces the chance of wet bedding being mixed in with the dry. The top layer of the bed remains warm, soft, and dry for your horse.

There is no better solution for allergies and respiratory sensitivities!

The Gold Standard of Hemp Horse Bedding

The Highest Quality Hemp Bedding On The Market, Guaranteed!

 Produced by a generational lineage of expert hemp farmers, no other product can compare to the gold standard of Aubiose. Naturally extremely absorbent and rigorously dedusted, Aubiose is virtually dust free and unparalleled in Quality.

An unrivaled performance in your stalls. Aubiose (left) vs leading competitor. 

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Economical When Managed Properly

Requires 7-10 Times Less Bedding than Pine
Learn The Aubiose Deep Litter Method For The Most Cost Effective Performance
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Low Maintenance & Composts Readily for Easy Disposal!

This high performance bedding system can be maintained with minimal maintenance. After the initial setup, you only need to add a small amount of bedding every week.

Switching to Aubiose dramatically cuts down the cost of manure removal. 100% naturally cultivated hemp, Aubiose is a fully biodegradable and chemical free material, which composts readily without the need for added composting agents.  The relatively small amount of Aubiose muck- compared to the waste produced from pine- can be spread into your garden or back into the pasture.

Wow, This All Sounds Incredible! How Do I Order?

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When Following Our Guidelines, You Will Spend on Average $200-300/Stall/Month

Managing an Aubiose bed is different than any other bedding material. It is essential to deep litter this bedding for a cost effective performance. With the deep litter method, once you setup your stalls, you do not strip them. You only take out small amounts of bedding at a time, and top up with fresh Aubiose, as described in our usage guide. Once you get your deep litter base set up, you only need to add about a bale per week maximum to each stall. Setting up the base is the initial investment and the greatest expense, but with proper management you will only need to do this once!

Many long time “Aubiosers” will go 7+ years without stripping out stalls and making a new bed! But each situation is unique and we will coach you to adapt your management methods to fit with an Aubiose bedding system. Our questionnaire helps us gain an understanding of your unique situation so we can provide as accurate of a budget estimate as possible. Please provide as much detailed information as possible.

We know that changes can be challenging, but hang in there! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never look back!

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Aubiose Hemp Horse Bedding in Action
Hear Advice from Other Aubiose Users

“Aubiose is pretty economical. The biggest expense is stall set-up, but after that, stalls need on average about a half bag of bedding per week. Despite the up front cost, it doesn’t really cost more than shavings over a year, and it works much, much better. It also sifts so much more easily that you’ll save money because you’ll have so much less waste of good bedding.

I have found there are a few tricks to getting the most out of the bedding and making it the best thing you’ve ever used:

–Don’t take urine out daily. The bedding soaks up the urine best if you allow it to create a urine pack. You’ll also remove less bedding overall if you remove the urine less frequently because hemp initially becomes more absorbent when it gets wet, so less bedding does more work. We remove urine only once a week, and some horses could go longer. And it really doesn’t smell. When I tell people I take urine out once a week, they can’t believe it.

–Don’t strip your stalls. The bedding gets more absorbent as it gets trompled on, and it packs better, creating a more dense urine pack that’s less likely to get dragged around and mixed in the dry bedding. Plus, the expense of re-bedding a stripped stall will make it prohibitive. If a horse really destroys a stall, I just keep taking wet bedding out over the course of several weeks until I have enough left for just the urine pack, and then I add new bags on top of that.

–Bed stalls deep enough that that horses’ feet don’t get down to the urine. I’ve found that horses who trash their stalls need more bedding, or need it piled more deeply over their urine spot. It saves money in the long run to add more bedding if a horse is digging into his urine pack.

–Invest in a stall sifter. The sifter made it feasible for me to bed my stalls 6-8 inches deep. The time saved in cleaning and the additional bedding saved will pay for your sifter in a short time. I have six stalls, and I cut my stall cleaning time in half with at least 3 times as much bedding and paid for the sifter in 3 or 4 months. Imagine if you have 30 horses what that would do.

I recently had to clean shavings after not having done so for many years, and it brought home to me just how superior Aubiose hemp is to shavings, sawdust, or any other wood bedding product. I think you’ll feel the same if you give it a shot and follow the guidelines for getting the most out of the bedding. I’m also pretty sure if you give it a shot, you’ll be wishing you’d found it sooner.”

-Sue Krenselewski, 5 year Aubiose USA client

Sue Hemp Bedding

The Choice of Olympic Champions

Gold Medalist Astier Nicolas

French Rio Olympic Champion Astier Nicolas endorses Aubiose bedding: “It represents for my stables a significant saving of time and money. It also meets the recommendations of veterinarians for horses experiencing respiratory problems, thanks to its dusted material. It brings optimal comfort to my horses in their box.”

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Silver Medalist Spencer Wilton

British dressage rider Spencer Wilton prefers Aubiose.

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International Showjumper Catherine Tyree

After watching one of her top performance horses, Bokai, struggle with respiratory issues, international showjumper Catherine Tyree wanted to do anything possible to help him live a better life. After some research, she found that using a high quality bedding was one of the best ways to create a healthier environment and prevent further issues for Bokai. That is when Tyree found Aubiose. With the difference it has made for the 16-year-old KWPN gelding, Aubiose has become a staple product in her barn. She is now joining forces with Aubiose and Chanvra Materials to spread the word about this incredible product.

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