Sue Krenselewski- “Serious Quality Bedding”

I found Aubiose hemp bedding about 5 years ago when I was looking for a bedding that wouldn’t aggravate my asthma, wouldn’t irritate sensitive equine airways, could go straight on my hay field without composting, and would break down faster when I put it in a compost pile. That’s a lot to ask of any bedding, but Aubiose ticks all the boxes.

Better yet, it keeps my barn from smelling like urine (a smell I detest), even in the deepest part of winter and wettest weather, and it’s a comfy, springy mattress for the horses.

In addition to those great qualities, Aubiose is also pretty economical. The biggest expense is stall set-up, but after that, stalls need on average about a half bag of bedding per week. Despite the up front cost, it doesn’t really cost more than shavings over a year, and it works much, much better. It also sifts so much more easily that you’ll save money because you’ll have so much less waste of good bedding.

I have found there are a few tricks to getting the most out of the bedding and making it the best thing you’ve ever used:

–Don’t take urine out daily. The bedding soaks up the urine best if you allow it to create a urine pack. You’ll also remove less bedding overall if you remove the urine less frequently because hemp initially becomes more absorbent when it gets wet, so less bedding does more work. We remove urine only once a week, and some horses could go longer. And it really doesn’t smell. When I tell people I take urine out once a week, they can’t believe it.

–Don’t strip your stalls. The bedding gets more absorbent as it gets trompled on, and it packs better, creating a more dense urine pack that’s less likely to get dragged around and mixed in the dry bedding. Plus, the expense of re-bedding a stripped stall will make it prohibitive. If a horse really destroys a stall, I just keep taking wet bedding out over the course of several weeks until I have enough left for just the urine pack, and then I add new bags on top of that.

–Bed stalls deep enough that that horses’ feet don’t get down to the urine. I’ve found that horses who trash their stalls need more bedding, or need it piled more deeply over their urine spot. It saves money in the long run to add more bedding if a horse is digging into his urine pack.

–Invest in a stall sifter. The sifter made it feasible for me to bed my stalls 6-8 inches deep. The time saved in cleaning and the additional bedding saved will pay for your sifter in a short time. I have six stalls, and I cut my stall cleaning time in half with at least 3 times as much bedding and paid for the sifter in 3 or 4 months. Imagine if you have 30 horses what that would do.

I recently had to clean shavings after not having done so for many years, and it brought home to me just how superior Aubiose hemp is to shavings, sawdust, or any other wood bedding product. I think you’ll feel the same if you give it a shot and follow the guidelines for getting the most out of the bedding. I’m also pretty sure if you give it a shot, you’ll be wishing you’d found it sooner.

Sue Krenselewski

Catherine Tyree

I use Aubiose’s Hemp Bedding for one of my top horses who has suffered from EIPH. In an effort to keep his airways as comfortable and clear as possible, I switched him over to Aubiose bedding and have been thrilled with the results. My favorite quality of the product is that it is dust free, leaving my mind at ease knowing that there aren’t as many dust particles that could irritate the horse’s airway. The bedding is very absorbent as well; a little goes a long way! It’s a cost effective alternative to normal pine shavings for horses with sensitive airways. The team at Aubiose is great to work with and very willing to answer any and all questions about their product. I could not be happier with my Aubiose experience!

Catherine Tyree

Louise Courage

Hi there, I just to say how fantastic Aubiose is, I’ve had my cob Billy for a year and he has been a very wet boy, I have used so many different shavings but nothing has worked. We started using Aubiose and what a different it has made! It was totally worth changing to, Billy’s stable is now much drier and we have to top him up much less often! I’m so impressed, I put my mare Dorothy on it too! Fantastic!!!

Kelly Szostak

After being a horse owner for around 37 years, I have tried – and often dismissed many different types of bedding. In the past I have tried my horse Winston on all sorts of bedding and deep litter systems, but had reverted back to straw in order to provide him with a clean dry bed everyday. Winston is quite dirty and is also a shuffler – he moves the bed around constantly and I found that whatever bedding I had him on I would usually find him standing on some degree of concrete in the morning where the bed had shifted.

I started the bed with 6 bales of Aubiose and followed the instructions for use.  I must say I have been amazed at the results.

I deep littered him, just removing the droppings for 10 days, during which the bed remained dry, clean and settled with no shifting. On the 10th day I  lifted the bed to remove the wet bedding and was really surprised just how easily this was done – the dry bedding had not mixed with the wet bedding at all and I could remove the wet bedding without contaminating or wasting any of the dry bedding.  There was hardly any waste at all – I only removed one barrow of waste – much less than I was removing on a daily basis before.

Winston has now been on Aubiose for a month, and I cannot believe how much time I have saved! I was taking the bed up every day before I started using it. I have only used an additional two bales for the month, so in fact Aubiose has cost me less than straw. It is easy to muck out, has stayed dry and can be stored without the need for lots of space.

Aubiose also has other benefits, as it is great for horses with respiratory ailments, or those that are prone to laminitis. Also, as the bed stays cleaner, so does your horse – a definite benefit with Winston who is a coloured!!

I work fulltime and the time saving benefit is amazing, and Aubiose has actually worked out very cost effective.

I am now in the process of changing all my horses onto Aubiose
– try it and like me, I am sure you will love it!


Aubiose is best for my horse Bertie as I really want to know that he is all comfy and warm in his stable on the harsh winter nights, also I want a easy and clean way to muck out, and Aubiose is definitely the bedding that suits us the best.


Nothing keeps them cleaner and drier than Aubiose!


My horse loves lifes luxuries, and Aubiose is one of them. It’s so absorbent you can just remove the wet patch in the middle and have a nice dry bed again for his feet to stand on.


“Aubiose is best for my horse because recently he has been quite prone to laminitis and we all know how expensive vet bills can be, especially when he means so much as much as he does to me. He really does deserve it!”